Rock the Cash Box

11AM Friday Aliance Ballroom Prerecorded / Live Q&A!

Using no existing external infrastructure we dive into the successes and failures as we crossed wires, consoled, and dial-in to real Hyosung ATMs in an effort to become a payment processor. This talk explores the approaches and techniques behind the efforts of hacking ATM systems.

Presented by Spicy Wasabi

Mitigating vulnerabilities in two-factor authentication in preventing account takeover

3PM/15:00 Friday Aliance Ballroom Live Talk and Q&A

Working in banking, merchant services providers such as Klarna, and conducting forensic investigations, there are some important considerations about how to implement 2FA that is resilient to the human factor. Larsbodian will discuss actual experiences in fraud and account takeover and how vulnerabilities in how 2FA works when combined with humans can be mitigated.

Presented by Larsbodian

Ethical considerations in using digital footprints for verifying identities for online services

11AM Saturday Aliance Ballroom Live Discussion

Many players in the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) and merchant services industries are increasingly relying on digital footprint services when credit checks and national identification schemes are not easily available for different types of campaigns. There are a number of ethical considerations with this type of information is gathered and used along with regulatory issues that need to be considered.

Presented by Larsbodian

I know what you ate last summer

11AM Sunday Aliance Ballroom Prerecorded / Live Q&A!

A high level talk about a digital forensics investigation on a unwiped Cash register.

Presented by Wesrl